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(Please note not all scents are available in all forms of our air freshening products.)


Autumn Sundae: vanilla ice cream, caramel, maple & pecans

Banana Bread: toasted walnuts with ripe bananas & cake

Banana Pudding: ripe bananas, vanilla pudding, & sugared wafers

Bee with a Niche: fresh honey with hints of honeysuckle & caramel

Boba Got Back: black tea, brown sugar, cream & fruit

Buffalo Butterscotch: butterscotch candy

Buns A-Glazin': cinnamon rolls with buttercream icing

Bread & Butter: fresh bread slathered with creamy butter

Cake Farts: buttercream cake with cream cheese icing

Candied Clouds: fluffy cotton candy

Caramel Butter Cookie: butter cookie drizzled with caramel

Cocoa by the Window: hot chocolate with marshmallows

Cookie Cake: sugar cookie with candy sprinkles

Coffee Shop: coffee with cream & caramel

French Toast: maple syrup, butter, powdered sugar & sourdough

Fudgement Day: warm chocolate fudge with walnuts

Golden Bear Claws: Danish pastry with almonds and icing

Hot Apple Dumplin': apples, pastry, spices, and a hint of caramel 

Just Baked: fresh out-of-the-oven baked chocolate chip cookies

Maple Tipplemaple syrup, vanilla & bourbon

Margaritas at Sunset: lime margaritas with salt

Movie Night: freshly popped popcorn with hot butter & sea salt

Mystic Chaletvanilla-dipped gingerbread with spices

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: oatmeal cookies dotted with raisins

Pour Some Syrup on Me: buttery maple syrup

Pumpkin Cupcake: pumpkin spice, cake, & buttercream icing

Punk'n Roll: pumpkin, cream & spices

Short & Sweet: strawberry shortcake with whipped cream

Sniff My Buttercream: true-to-scent buttercream icing with vanilla

Teas Me, Squeeze Me: Southern sweet tea with a hint of lemon

Weekend at Bigfoot's: toasted vanilla marshmallow at a campfire


Charge: musk & citrus

Lariat: bergamot, amberwood, & citrus

Midknight: musk, vanilla, & amberwood

Mothman: dark amber, oakmoss, sage, cedar & citrus

Myst: mahogany, blood orange, dark amber, vanilla, and sandalwood

Risqué Business: cherry brandy, leather, musk, and spice

Sexy Outlaw: cedar, leather, & tonka bean

Tinder: woodsy & fruity with musk

Whiskey Serenade: aged bourbon, charred cedar & vanilla

White Water: wood moss, musk, lavender & citrus (Black Ice-type)



Abeille de Luxe: honey, peach, sandalwood, & musk

Almost Haven: amber, musk, sea salt & freesia (luxury spa)

Antique Shop: books, furniture, & age

Atheneum: fantasy library with leather & woodsy notes

Books & Beans: new and used books with coffee

Caney Land: peppermint candy canes

Divinity: smoked vanilla, amber, & sandalwood

Draconis: patchouli, fruit, rose & clove (our version of Dragon's Blood)

Evenfall: jasmine, orange, & musk

Fine & Candy: cotton candy, caramel, and mixed vanilla

Forum of Fae: fir, cypress, cedar & amber with currant & fruit

Golden Trumpets: daffodils with a hint of fruit

Head Shop: sandalwood, musk, amber & hint of magnolia (our version of Nag Champa)

High Time: true-to-scent weed/pot/dope/grass/reefer/herb/Mary Jane

Island Bum: pistachio, jasmine, caramel, and sandalwood ("Bum Bum" type)

Just For Kicksnew sneakers

Lavyrinth: lavender, amber, cedar, and musk

Let's Get Metaphysical: magic shop with a variety of incense

Lilac Bouquet: lilac blossoms with a hint of jasmine

Lines in the Sand: suntan oil at the beach

Mint to Breathe: peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, citrus & cedar

New Car: strong notes of leather with new interior

Odor Exorcist: fresh linen & sunshine (also removes smoke, pet, & general odors)

Palo, I Love You: fresh Palo Santo wood

Pawpaw's Garage: fresh wood shavings & motor oil

Pipe Dreams: fresh tobacco & cherries

Pool Party: pool water, suntan oil, & beach towels

Posh AF: bergamot, a hint of exotic fruit, cedar & musk

Santal Luxe: sandalwood, charred cedar, amber, vanilla & spice (Santal 26 type)

Sea Salt & Sunshine: sunshine & salty ocean breeze

Tack Shop: true-to-scent weathered leather

Unquiet Earth: moss, earth, and damp leaves (petrichor)

What Fir?: cypress, fir, and amber


Amarello: ripe cherries, vanilla & tonka bean (Amaretto)

Arcane Apple: red apples, candied oranges, cinnamon & maple

Be Our Zest: fresh squeezed lemon

Berried Secret: strawberries & cream 

Blackberry Eclipse: blackberries with citrus & vanilla

Blossoms & Beehives: orange blossom, citrus & honey

Bronco Blueberry: wild blueberry muffins

Coconut Hut: coconut, vanilla, fruit & sandalwood

Cool Summer: lemonade, watermelon & sugared fruits

Crazy Beach:  tropical grapefruit, pineapple, coconut & vanilla

Cream of the Pop: orange soda pop with creamy vanilla ice cream

Festive Spirit: mulled cider, cranberries, orange, cedar & spice

Fruity AF: orange, tangerine, lemon, lime, apple, cherry, raspberry, grapefruit, and blueberry (Fruity Cereal)

Hallows & Hayrides: McIntosh apples, vanilla & warm spices

Incendiary Cherry: maraschino cherries with a hint of vanilla

Lost At Seaside: mango, coconut, guava, orange, pineapple, passionfruit & strawberry

Mountain Mulberry: mulberries with cherry & citrus notes

Naked Hurricane: cherry pie, green apples, & fruit (our version of Butt Naked)

Peach Slapped: peaches & cream with citrus

Pumpkin Paradise: pumpkin, coconut, maple & spices

Sherbet Your @$$: lemon, lime, orange, pineapple, raspberry & vanilla

S.P.F.: coconut & vanilla with cedar & sandalwood

Vanilla Hills: buttery lumps of creamy vanilla

Volcanis: sugared citrus, tropical fruits and mountain greens

Whatamelon: freshly sliced watermelon

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