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  • What's the story behind your company?
    Back in Canyon, Texas in early 2018, we realized we weren't happy with the “name brand” auto air fresheners we were selling at our car wash. The fragrance smelled like chemicals, the scents didn't last long, and they honestly weren't good overall. When the price of those air fresheners went up in cost, we knew it was time to think outside of the box. ​ We wanted something that not only smelled better but something that was better for people and the environment as well. So, we're happy to introduce to you: Scentister Air Fresheners. We start with biodegradable materials and premium ingredients. Then each Scentister vehicle freshener is actually "branded" with heat with our awesome logo (hand drawn by artist Tori Brown from Clayton, NC), soaked in premium fragrance/essential oils, and smells amazing! Our hanging air fresheners remain, as always, handmade and hand packaged. Every string is tied by hand and every amount of oil is measured individually by hand with a pipette to ensure consistency. But we don't stop there--we take our time to make sure you have something that not only makes your space smell amazing, but it will be a fun decoration you don't mind keeping for a long time. We believe the love and attention we put into each handmade air freshener shows. ​ Late 2021, we moved operations from Texas and relocated to Beckley, West Virginia with big plans for the future of Scentister. Not only have we expanded our product and scent line, we also opened our very first Scentister retail store in June of 2023! (Located at 303 Prince Street.) ​ If you're in the downtown Beckley area, you'll soon find out that Prince Street is the best-smelling street around. That's because we hand-pour our luxury wax melts in our shop almost daily--always in small batches and always with the best ingredients. These wax melts have actually surpassed the popularity of our air fresheners with over 100+ scents to choose from and thousands sold. One thing is certain with Scentister: you can be sure you're getting a top-of-the-line product each time you shop with us. We guarantee it. ​ Now, thanks to our amazing customers, there are countless Scentister products throughout the United States and beyond!
  • Are your soy wax melts long-lasting?
    Yes! We guarantee each luxury wax melt we sell lasts longer than your average retail store melt AND smells better than them. Why? We use a premium top-of-the-line all-natural soy wax that has a wonderful scent throw. Additionally, this wax has no chemical additives. What else? PREMIUM phthalate-free oils. There's nothing cheap here. We add these premium oils at just the right temperature and then hand pour them at a specific temperature as well. We don't cut corners. (That doesn't mean that some scents aren't stronger than others. If you have questions about any of our fragrances, we're happy to help!) Should you ever purchase a scent that disappoints you, contact us and we will replace it at ZERO cost to you. That's our guarantee. We want you to be happy. With a HUGE variety of scents that continues to grow, you can be sure you'll find something you'll love. (Since we do use a natural soy wax without chemical additives, there may be slight 'frosting' on the melts at times. This is merely the soy wax trying to revert back to its original state. It is perfectly NATURAL and does not affect the scent throw.)
  • How long do your car diffusers last?
    The simple question is UP TO 3 MONTHS PER DIFFUSER. However, there are two things to consider: What is the temperature? The warmer the temperature, the faster the fragrance will diffuse. Thankfully there's 8ml of premium fragrance in each diffuser bottle so you'll still get a LOT of fragrance. (It's actually DOUBLE the amount of fragrance of our "branded" vehicle fresheners, and those last a good month.) How strong do you like your fragrance? The more you saturate the lid with fragrance, the more fragrance you use. The great thing about our diffusers is that if the fragrance strength isn't to your liking, you can put the stopper back in the bottle to tone the fragrance down or you can increase the fragrance by carefully tipping the diffuser upside down for a few seconds. Scent strength is entirely up to you.
  • How long does the fragrance last in your vehicle fresheners?
    Good question! Rather than give you a simple answer, we want to elaborate a little and perhaps bore you with some details. A lot of different factors determine how long a scent lasts. Is it 104 degrees outside? If so, the oils probably won't last as long due to the intense heat in a vehicle. Is it freezing cold? Parking in the sun will help the fragrance disperse. We've tested our air fresheners against some big names--and, sadly, our vehicles smelled like chemical butt when using our competitors' scents. One popular company wants you to keep the bag on the scent so it will last longer. Who wants an unsightly bag hanging with an unsightly product? Not Scentister. Scentister lasted way longer than the other brands, even without the bag. Plus we look way cooler. For our hanging fresheners, we suggest opening the bag and, like a fine wine, letting the fragrance aerate from the bag before hanging the air freshener freely. Is it too strong? Then leave it in the bag until the desired scent strength is achieved. You can also keep the empty bag open under your seat to allow even more fragrance to move throughout your vehicle. Short answer for our hanging fresheners: in a normal environment, the fragrance usually lasts about a month out of the bag, perhaps longer, depending on the scent. (However, any of our 100% natural scents have shorter scent lives due to the total lack of additives.) But the awesome product left behind will last as long as you want it to hang there. Enjoy!
  • Are your products vegan and cruelty free?
    Yes! We go to great lengths to source our ingredients from reputable companies who do not conduct animal testing. We love our furry friends. All of our oils, soy wax, and dyes are also 100% vegan. However, please do not lick or consume ANY of our products, as none of them are edible.
  • Why the scary skull logo? What's with your name?
    When we set out to create a logo for our brand, we knew instantly that we wanted it to be a skull. Why a skull instead of a butterfly or a cute little flower like ALL of the other brands, you may ask? Skulls are old symbols of courage and strength. They are associated with the ability to defeat the odds, overcome obstacles, and recognize and deal with danger bravely and boldly. Skull symbolism represents personal power and is linked with warrior spirits and valorous force. Despite the negative connotations some people apply to them because they look scary, skulls are POSITIVE symbols. I mean, skulls are underneath EVERY single human being. It's part of us. It's a reminder of our mortality and a reminder to live each day to its fullest. The cowboy sheriff idea just embraced our Texas roots at the time. So now you're probably thinking, "So, why the name Scentister then?" Obviously we mean something evil, right? Simply put: left. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, "sinister" comes from a Latin word meaning “on the left side,” and while the earliest uses of the word in English—dating from the 14th century—pertain to some measure of evil, forboding, or malevolence, others retain the Latin meaning of “left”. The association of the directional left with evil is likely attributed to the dominance of right-handed people within a population at the time. Left-handed people were deemed "different" and even misinterpreted to be evil. This misunderstanding sealed the name for us. Scentister--DIFFERENT--it was. We have ALWAYS set out to be different by using safer ingredients than other brands. We embrace this difference happily. So hang your cowboy skull logo proudly. While some are afraid to be different, we're afraid to be the same as everyone else.
  • Where is your retail store located in Beckley?
    We are located at 303 Prince Street in downtown Beckley next to the post office and near the courthouse. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday from Noon to 5pm. We are closed on the weekends unless there's an event. (Please check our Facebook or Google page for updates.) Besides our own line of scent products, you'll find a variety of other West Virginia-made items from small local businesses.
  • What is the shelf life of your air fresheners?
    In a normal environment inside their packaging, Scentisters will keep for 3+ years without losing scent or "going bad". Each and every hanging Scentister is double-sealed in a high-quality bag with a zip seal and a heat seal at the top. Other brands use cheaper plastic that's thin and doesn't hold up. With Scentister, you can be sure that when you open the package, you're getting a long-lasting air freshener.
  • How big are the actual air fresheners?
    Our hanging air fresheners are 3.5" in diameter.
  • What are Scentister Rewards/Loyalty Rewards?
    We wanted to reward our ONLINE customers for their purchases so we introduced SCENTISTER® REWARDS in November 2020. Once you're signed up, you'll immediately earn: 10 points* for every dollar spent 50 points for following us on Instagram 50 points for liking us on Facebook 50 points for sharing us on Facebook 200 points on your birthday Click on the star in the lower left of the homepage to sign up and get rewarded! If you're an IN-STORE customer, we have a special rewards program for you called LOYALTY REWARDS. For every dollar you spend on Scentister products in-store, you'll earn 1 point. 100 points rewards you with a FREE luxury wax melt 200 points rewards you with $20 OFF your entire purchase (Please note that ONLY Scentister products give you points in-store.)
  • What do you mean when you say each hanging air freshener is branded?
    One day in Texas we thought, why not have an air freshener that's made without any nasty ink so the design lasts for a really long time? (We don't like the thought of other companies using crushed red bugs to make a plain little air freshener that you're going to throw away in a week or two.) Sticking to Texas tradition, we brand our air fresheners with heat like cattle are branded. (Don't worry though; our air fresheners don't feel any pain.). The process actually takes several minutes to do for each air freshener. But because we believe in delivering the highest quality product, we think the extra time creating the product is worth it. You're getting a lot of tender love in each scent. Plus you get a fun little picture or saying on the back of your air freshener that will last a long, long time. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Do you ship outside of the United States?
    Due to rising costs, we cannot affordably ship outside of the US. If shipping costs decline in the future, we would be happy to ship worldwide.
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