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Luxury Room/Vehicle Sprays
  • Luxury Room/Vehicle Sprays

    If you're a control freak, our luxury sprays are the perfect addition to your vehicle or room! You have the power to control the strength of the fragrance beneath your fingertips.  Just one spritz of our sprays will have you basking in a scent paradise whether you're in a small room or your vehicle.


    We start with only the best ingredients you can find.  We hand measure the organic corn alcohol before blending in the premium fragrance oils/essential oils. We then hand label each item with love. You can be sure you're getting a top-of-the-line product that will last! (Each glass bottle contains approximately 250+ sprays.) Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


    .85oz (25ml)




    ABEILLE DE LUXE: honey, peach, sandalwood, & musk

    ALMOST HAVEN: amber, musk, sea salt & freesia

    AUTUMN SUNDAE: vanilla ice cream, caramel, maple syrup & pecan

    ARCANE APPLE: red apples, candied oranges, cinnamon & maple

    BANANA BREAD: toasted walnuts with ripe bananas & cake

    BANANA PUDDING: ripe bananas, vanilla pudding, & sugared wafers

    BE OUR ZEST: freshly squeezed lemons

    BERRIED SECRET: strawberries & cream

    BOBA GOT BACK: black tea, brown sugar, cream & fruit

    BRONCO BLUEBERRY: wild blueberry muffins

    BUFFALO BUTTERSCOTCH: butterscotch candy

    BUNS A-GLAZIN': cinnamons rolls with buttercream icing

    CAKE FARTS: buttercream cake with cream cheese icing

    COCONUT HUT: coconut and vanilla cookies

    COFFEE SHOP: fresh roasted coffee with sweet cream, caramel & vanilla

    COOKIE CAKE: sugar cookie with candy sprinkles

    COOL SUMMER: lemonade, watermelon & sugared fruits

    CRAZY BEACH: tropical grapefruit, pineapple, coconut & vanilla

    CREAM OF THE POP: orange soda pop with creamy vanilla ice cream

    DRACONIS: patchouli, fruit, rose & clove (our version of Dragon's Blood)

    EVENFALL: jasmine, citrus & musk

    FESTIVE SPIRIT: mulled cider, cranberries, orange, cedar & spice

    FINE & CANDY: sugary cotton candy, caramel, & vanilla mixture

    FORUM OF FAE: fir, cypress, cedar & amber with currant & fruit

    FRUITY AF: orange, tangerine, lemon, lime, apple, cherry, raspberry, grapefruit, and blueberry (Fruity Cereal)

    FUDGEMENT DAY: chocolate fudge with walnuts

    HALLOWS & HAYRIDES: mcintosh apples, vanilla & warm spices

    HEAD SHOP: sweet & woodsy incense

    HIGH TIME: true-to-scent weed/pot/dope/grass/reefer/herb/Mary Jane

    INCENDIARY CHERRY: maraschino cherries mixed with vanilla

    JUST BAKED: fresh out-of-the-oven baked chocolate chip cookies

    LARIAT: masculine bergamot, amberwood, & citrus

    LAVYRINTH: lavender, amber, cedar & musk

    LET'S GET METAPHYSICAL: magic shop with a variety of incense

    LINES IN THE SAND: tanning oil at the beach

    LOST AT SEASIDE: mango, coconut, guava, orange, pineapple, passionfruit, and strawberry

    MAPLE TIPPLE: maple syrup, vanilla, rum, & clove

    MINT TO BREATHE: peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, citrus & cedar

    MOTHMAN: masculine dark amber, oak moss, cedar, & citrus

    MOVIE NIGHT: freshly popped popcorn with hot butter & sea salt

    MYST: mahogany, blood orange, dark amber, vanilla, and sandalwood

    MYSTIC CHALET: vanilla-dipped cinnamon sticks & gingerbread

    NAKED HURRICANE: cherry pie, green apples & fruit (our version of Butt Naked)

    NEW CAR: new leather vehicle interior

    ODOR EXORCIST: fresh linen smoke & pet odor remover

    PEACH SLAPPED: peaches & cream with vibrant citrus

    POOL PARTY: pool water, suntan oil, and beach towels

    POUR SOME SYRUP ON ME: buttery maple syrup

    PUMPKIN PARADISE: pumpkin, coconut, maple, & spices

    PUNK'N ROLL: pumpkin, cream & spices

    SEXY OUTLAW: woodsy with tonka bean & cedar

    SNIFF MY BUTTERCREAM: true-to-scent buttercream icing with vanilla

    TACK SHOP: true-to-scent weathered leather

    TINDER: woodsy & fruity with musk

    UNQUIET EARTH: moss, earth, rain, and damp leaves

    VANILLA HILLS: buttery lumps of creamy vanilla

    VOLCANIS: sugared citrus, tropical fruits and mountain greens

    WEEKEND AT BIGFOOT'S: toasted marshmallows at campfire

    WHAT FIR?: fir, cypress, and amber (Christmas tree)

    WHISKEY SERENADE: aged bourbon, smoked cedar & vanilla

    • For Best Results

      Shake well before each use.  Spritz one or more sprays into the air and enjoy! Avoid product contact with any surface. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.  Do not lick or consume. 

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