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Car Diffuser + Refill Bundle
  • Car Diffuser + Refill Bundle

    Introducing Scentister® Car Diffusers--the perfect addition to your vehicle or small space. Our classy and stylish diffuser is designed to provide a continuous release of our high quality fragrances, ensuring your car stays fresh and inviting for weeks on end.  Each diffuser with a refill will last up to 6 months, depending on temperature and/or preference of scent strength. Simply hang, enjoy, refill, and enjoy all over again!


    Choose from a huge range of luxurious scents that will transform your car into a calm and refreshing space, making your daily commutes or road trips an enjoyable experience. The easy-to-use design allows for simple installation and adjustment of the fragrance intensity, so you can customize your scent experience to your liking. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and hello to a delightful and inviting atmosphere!


    INCLUDED IN PACKAGE: one Scentister Car Diffuser (filled), moist towelette, one instructional card, and one 8ml Diffuser Refill of same scent.



    ABEILLE DE LUXE: luxurious honey, peach, rose, sandalwood, & musk

    ALMOST HAVEN: amber, musk, sea salt & freesia (luxury spa scent)

    ANTIQUE SHOP: aged books & furniture

    ARCANE APPLE: red apples, candied oranges, cinnamon & maple

    ASCENT: jasmine & grapefruit on a bed of sandalwood, vetiver, & amber

    ATHENEUM: unique woodsy notes with leather (fantasy library)

    AUTUMN SUNDAE: vanilla ice cream, caramel, maple, and candied pecan

    BANANA BREAD: ripe bananas, cake, & walnuts

    BANANA PUDDING: ripe bananas, vanilla pudding, & sugared wafers

    BE OUR ZEST: freshly squeezed lemons

    BEE WITH A NICHE: fresh honey from the hive

    BERRIED SECRET: strawberries & cream

    BLACKBERRY ECLIPSE: blackberries, citrus, & vanilla

    BLOOD MOON: blood orange & vanilla

    BLOSSOMS & BEEHIVES: sweet honey, citrus, and orange blossoms

    BOBA GOT BACK: black tea, brown sugar, cream & fruit

    BOOKS & BEANS: bookstore with coffee shop (books & coffee beans)

    BREAD & BUTTER: toasted bread & butter

    BRONCO BLUEBERRY: wild blueberry muffins

    BUFFALO BUTTERSCOTCH: butterscotch candy

    BUNS A-GLAZIN': cinnamon rolls with buttercream icing

    CAKE FARTS: buttercream cake with cream cheese icing

    CANDIED CLOUDS: fluffy cotton candy

    CARAMEL BUTTER COOKIE: butter cookies drizzled with caramel

    COCOA BY THE WINDOW: hot chocolate with marshmallows

    COCONUT HUT: coconut, vanilla, fruit, & sandalwood

    COFFEE SHOP: fresh roasted coffee with sweet cream, caramel & vanilla

    COOKIE CAKE: sugar cookie with sprinkles

    COOL SUMMER: lemonade, watermelon & sugared fruits

    CRAZY BEACH: tropical grapefruit, pineapple, coconut & vanilla

    CREAM OF THE POP: orange soda pop with creamy vanilla ice cream

    CUCUMBER MELON: cucumber, honeydew, & cantaloupe

    DIVINITY: smoked vanilla, amber, & sandalwood

    DRACONIS: patchouli, fruit, rose, & clove (Dragon's Blood)

    DREAM WALK: cotton & vanilla

    EARTH & EMBERS: sexy vetiver, sandalwood, & amber with a hint of smoke

    EVENFALL: jasmine, citrus & musk

    FESTIVE SPIRIT: mulled cider, cranberries, orange, cedar & spice

    FINE & CANDY: sugary cotton candy, caramel, & vanilla mixture

    FORUM OF FAE: fir, cypress, cedar & amber with currant & fruit

    FRUITY AF:  Fruity Cereal

    FRENCH TOAST: maple syrup, butter, bread, & spices

    FUDGEMENT DAY: warm chocolate fudge with walnuts

    GOLDEN BEAR CLAWS: golden pastry, almonds, & vanilla icing

    GOLDEN TRUMPETS: daffodil with a hint of melon

    HALLOWS & HAYRIDES: mcintosh apples, vanilla & warm spices

    HEAD SHOP: sweet & woodsy incense

    HONEYSUCKLE: field of honeysuckle blossoms

    HOT APPLE DUMPLIN': apples, pastry, cinnamon, & caramel

    INCENDIARY CHERRY: maraschino cherries mixed with vanilla

    ISLAND BUM: pistachio, jasmine, caramel, & sandalwood 

    JUST BAKED: fresh out-of-the-oven baked chocolate chip cookies

    LARIAT: masculine bergamot, amberwood, & citrus

    LAVYRINTH: lavender, cedar, amber, & musk

    LET'S GET METAPHYSICAL: magic shop with a variety of incense

    LILAC BOUQUET: lilac blossoms with a hint of jasmine

    LINES IN THE SAND: suntan oil at the beach

    LOST AT SEASIDE: island tropical fruits with vanilla

    MAPLE TIPPLE: maple, vanilla, & bourbon

    MARGARITAS AT SUNSET: lime margaritas with sea salt

    MIDKNIGHT: woodsy with musk and vanilla

    MINT TO BREATHE: mint, eucalyptus, cedar, & citrus

    MOTHMAN: masculine dark amber, oak moss, cedar, & citrus

    MOUNTAIN MULBERRY: mulberry with hints of cherry & citrus

    MOVIE NIGHT: fresh buttered popcorn with salt

    MYST: mahogany, blood orange, amber, & sandalwood

    MYSTIC CHALET: gingerbread, vanilla, & warm spices

    NAKED HURRICANE: cherry pie, green apples & fruit (our version of Butt Naked)

    NEW CAR: new leather vehicle interior

    OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES: oatmeal cookies with raisins

    ODOR EXORCIST: fresh linen smoke & pet odor remover

    PALO, I LOVE YOU: fresh palo santo with woodsy notes

    PAWPAW'S GARAGE: clean motor oil & sawdust

    PEACH SLAPPED: peaches & cream with citrus

    PIPE DREAMS: fresh tobacco, cherries, & vanilla

    POOL PARTY: pool water, suntan oil, & beach towels

    POSH AF: bergamot, exotic fruit, cedar, & musk

    POUR SOME SYRUP ON ME: buttery maple syrup

    PUMPKIN CUPCAKE: pumpkin spice, cake, & buttercream icing

    PUMPKIN PARADISE: pumpkin, coconut, maple, & spices

    PUNK'N ROLL: pumpkin, cream & spices

    RISQUÉ BUSINESS: cherry brandy, cigar, & sandalwood

    SANTAL LUXE: sandalwood, cedar, amber, & vanilla

    SEA SALT & SUNSHINE: fresh ocean air & sunshine

    SEXY OUTLAW: woodsy with tonka bean & cedar

    SHERBET YOUR @$$: lemon, lime, orange, pineapple, raspberry & vanilla (rainbow sherbet)

    SHORT & SWEET: strawberries, shortbread, & whipped cream

    SNIFF MY BUTTERCREAM: buttercream frosting

    S.P.F.: coconut, sandalwood, cedar, & vanilla

    TACK SHOP: true-to-scent weathered leather

    TEAS ME, SQUEEZE ME: southern sweet tea with lemon garnish

    TINDER: woodsy & fruity with musk

    UNQUIET EARTH: moss, dirt, & damp leaves

    VANILLA HILLS: buttery lumps of creamy vanilla

    VOLCANIS: grapefruit & sugared citrus

    WEEKEND AT BIGFOOT'S: toasted marshmallow & campfire

    WHATAMELON; freshly sliced watermelon

    WHAT FIR?: fir, cypress, cedar, & amber

    WHISKEY SERENADE: aged bourbon, smoked cedar & vanilla

    WHITE WATER: wood moss, musk, & citrus (our version of BLACK ICE)

    WINTER SERENADE: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, & juniper berries

    • For Best Results

      Always follow instructions included with your car diffuser.  Never leave bottle lying down on surface. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.  Avoid product contact with face, eyes, textiles, and furniture. If oils ever drip onto ANY surface, immediately clean with soap, water, and damp cloth.

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